Here are some of my favourite locations to shoot during summer. Please note the portraits below have been taken at different seasons over the years so could look quite different in summer.

Summer Photoshoot locations

Lilac Hill, Guildford

Fred Jacoby Park, Mundaring

Private Winery, Herne Hill

$50 Location Fee

Perry's Paddock,

Yellagonga Regional Park

Private Orchard, Pickering Brook

$50 Location Fee

The private property is perfect for a country/ farm look in the pictures. Please note that some photos where taken in spring when the white blossoms were blooming. In summer the leaves are green, like the first photo.

Gnangara Pines, Ellenbrook

Gnangara Pines is a peaceful and lovely spot for family photos. The tall pine trees and sunny clearings make for beautiful pictures.

Yellow Flowers, Guildford

This spot is a small block of land next to the main road in Guildford. Yellow flowers pop up there every three years or so in the summer. But even without the flowers, it's a nice spot for family photos because it has great light and lots of greenery.


This is just an empty block with beautiful trees. There is a also a reserve close by with lots of greenery and open space that would be a great option for family portraits.

Some other great options for summer family photos:

  • Kings Park, Perth City
  • Hyde Park, Perth City
  • Harold Boas Gardens, Perth City
  • Whiteman Park, Whiteman
  • Sir James Mitchell Park, South Perth - Perth Skyline backdrop