I am an artist at heart and I love to capture beauty in this world, which is reflected in the way I photograph. I love nature, adventure, people, children and of course all of those things combined. Our time together is not just a photography session – it is your adventure, your experience, your family. I take photographs to freeze a memory – to take me back to that point in time. They pass us by so quickly and its so easy to forget them.

I was brought up in a small town and my father was a farmer. As a family, we spent most of our time outdoors on our farm, playing with my brother and cousins in the woods and river surrounding our farm. This influences my photography today as well. My favourite place to be and capture images is in the woods  and in nature. Its so magical and brings out the best in almost everybody.

During your time with me, we will experience all the beautiful connections that come with being a part of a family. My goal is to capture all the subtle nuances that come with that. And give you the gift of being able to return to these moments, these feelings, time and time again. I am honoured that you have made your way here and are considering me to create artistry out of your life’s best moments.

Perth photographer with her partner during photoshoot
Perth dog looking at a butterfly during photoshoot


I was raised in India and moved to Australia when I was 17. I migrated on my own leaving my friends and family behind. The first few years were a struggle – trying to carve a new path as a young adult in a brand new country. Wherever I went, my camera came along. I love photographing new places and people and have a knack for seeing and appreciating the beauty that is present in everyday life and around us no matter where we live. Photography connects me to gratitude and helps me immensely during tough moments. During those years, I had a few photos of my loved ones taped to the wall in my bedroom – their photos brought me great comfort and helped me feel more connected to my people while I was so far away from them.

I believe photography can heal hearts, give confidence and create a sense of belonging. A special gift that will transcend decades and become the most prized possessions for generations.

I consider it a great privilege to help my clients see and capture the beauty in their lives, and get that art up on their walls and into their homes.

3 year old perth girl during professional photography session


My style of photography has been described as dreamy & whimsical. One thing that sets me apart from others is the fact I style all photo sessions. Being creative & styling is part of who I am so I naturally bring that to my photography. And if you’re wondering what styling a photo session entails, it simply means I bring together all elements of the session (outfits, location, sometimes props and colours) in a cohesive way resulting in images that are truely special & unique.

You will also notice an old world, timeless feel to my photography. If you are after casual, trendy images, I may not be the right photographer for you.



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I am obsessed with everything old. My photography is inspired by years gone by.

I lived in Adelaide for over 10 years so I am biased for SA wines.


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I bloody love them and I will have at least four if I was allowed.

A new leaf unfurling makes my heart happy.


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Me, my hubby & our choc lab - Nika, love exploring hiking trails all around Perth.

I love hot climate but winter is my favourite season for photosessions.


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I love reading about people's lives. I am also a big fan of films based on real life.

That city has my kind of vibe.