My favourite Perth children and pet photography moments

If you have met me, you probably know how much I love photographing kids and their pets together. I am a dog owner myself and I believe that kids share a deep relationship with their pets while growing up. Capturing the innocence of a child and an animal together is just so magical and some of my favourite moments to photograph.

Recent studies have proven that having a pet in the house is great for overall child development. Kids with pets are more active, physically healthier and learn important skills such as nurturing, empathy and having a sense of responsibility.

Beautiful memories of a family pet will stay with most kids as they grow up and from personal experience it's so important to capture these fleeting but important moments in a child's life. I capture the little things that some day will become big things.

For more information on kids and pet photo session, please have a look at my children photography information page. Children Photography sessions are limited to just two a month and get booked out a couple of months in advance. Please get in touch now to book your children with their pet photography session in a stunning outdoor location.

Here are some of my favourite Perth Children and Pet Photography moments that I have captured over the years.

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Perth Girl during photo session in orange orchard
Perth child with their cat during photo session
Perth Child with pet dog during family photography session

Last but not the least, here is a picture of my own fur baby.

outdoor dog photography Perth

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