As a Perth Family Photographer, Lilac Hill in Guildford is one of my favourite location for family photo session. Lilac Hill is specially beautiful during the winter and spring months when the grass is lush green and the light through the trees is just magical.

I had so much fun photographing this gorgeous family with 2 little girls. the girls had an amazing time exploring and playing with each other. Their matching outfits were so cute for the session and I just loved the overall colourful and vibrant feel of this session.

Like with every photoshoot, I always encourage changing the outfits at least once during the photoshoot. Having two sets of outfits means your family photos will have a lot of variety. You then have the options to display photos from one set of outfits in one room in your home. And in another room, you could have pictures up from the other outfit. It is all about adding variety to the pictures with different colours, outfits and posing. The beige dress from The Little Clothing Co is available in my clients closet.

I especially love the pictures of just mum and dad we were able to capture at the end of the session. The girls were just happy to run around and explore to it was a great time to focus on the parents.

If you will like to see more of my work and information on Perth family photography session, please have a look at my family photography information page 


Perth family playing together during outdoor family photo session
Perth family tickling each other during outdoor photo session
Perth family during outdoor family photoshoot
Perth family playing during outdoor photo shoot
Perth couple kissing during outdoor family photo shoot
Perth couple hugging during outdoor family session

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