5 things to consider when choosing a location for your Perth family portrait session.

If you have been dreaming about your Perth family or children photos, it's important to think about what location to choose for your session. Here are a few things to consider:

What kind of landscape are you looking for?

Here in Perth, we are blessed with amazing locations and a variety of options to choose from. From beaches to woods, rocky hills, wineries, cherry blossoms and nature reserves - there are endless possibilities! You could choose something chic with city buildings in South Perth or a dreamy and magical session in the woods. What matches your family vibe? Do you like hiking, camping and being outdoors in the greenery or do you prefer days at the beach with the family?

Perth girl during sibling photoshoot

Any places that are particularly special to your family?

Is there a spot where your family often takes walks? Have you had a special picnic before in a certain location? Think of spots that are special to you.

Perth family during outdoor family photo session

Are you inspired by any family photos you’ve seen already?

Have you seen any photos that inspire you already in my portfolio? Let me know! I can help you to figure out how to pull off similar photos that are unique to your family.

Quick tip: Gather inspiration for your family photos with platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. It will help your photographer to see what you’re looking for! I would note however, that any inspiration photographs can never be exactly replicated. They act purely as a mood board and to understand what you envision your family photographs to look like.

What are you planning to wear?

If you’re planning to wear something in particular, consider how it would look in different locations. If you want to get formal with your outfits, for example, consider choosing a location that matches that vibe.

Your home decor & style

Another thing to keep in mind for your portrait session is your home decor, style and colour scheme you already have. If you have a beach theme in your home and lots of blues and whites, then a session at the beach will suit your home decor perfectly. If you are into boho styling and muted colour tones, them a session in a location with lots of greenery would go much better. This way, when it comes time to hang beautiful photos in your home, you can be sure that it won’t clash with the rest of the home. If you love vibrant colours, then a location with flowers can add some extra magic to your photos.

Styling the photoshoot to match your home is a big part of my photography experience. I can help you choose the perfect location so that when you display your family photos in your home, you can be assured that the photos we create match your home decor perfectly. Read more about your full service photography experience with me here.

Ask for expert advise

If you want truly magical portraits that are personalised to your family, ask your photographer for advise. We as photographers can visualise what the final photos will look like in a particular location. We also have access to many locations that you wouldn't usually think are good for professional photos. I am always location scouting to find beautiful locations for my clients. It could be a small block of empty land on the side of the road that results in the most magical and unique family photos. Have a look at the some examples below. These images were all taken on an average looking empty block of land on the side of the busy suburban road.

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