8 Reasons why winter is perfect for Perth Family Photos

Have you been wanting to book a family photo session but you are hesitant to book it over winter? Many families avoid winter photo shoots but there are so many benefits that you may be converted after reading this post. With beautiful light, stunning sunsets and lush green landscape, I truely believe that family photos during winters should be more popular. There are so many wonderful reasons I prefer to shoot in winter than the dry, hot Perth summer days. Here are 8 reasons why winter is the perfect time to book your Perth family photos.

1. Shorter days and earlier shoot times

You may be aware that sunset is the best time for outdoor portrait photography. That is when the light is most glorious and flattering. As the sun sets earlier in winters, it's the perfect time for photo sessions for families with little ones who go to bed early. During winters, I will book my photo sessions between 4 and 5.15pm. Take advantage of those gorgeous winter evenings without keeping the kids up until 9pm (which you will have to in summer taking into account your drive home and dinner).

Perth Children Photography

2. It's more green

It rains a lot here in Perth during winters, which means that the landscape is lush with green growth. If you prefer the lush green backdrop (compared to dry landscape over summer), winter sessions are the way to go!

Perth Family Photography

3. Magical Light and Beautiful Sunsets

As photographers, we are lovers of beautiful light! And the soft winter afternoon light is one of the best. It illuminates the surrounding in gentle warm tones and totally beats the harsh summer light. The sunsets are also pretty amazing. Beautiful light means gorgeous skin tones and stunning complexion in your portraits. Of course the sunshine isn't guaranteed as frequently as the summer but it is worth the wait if you able to be flexible with your dates.

Perth Child Winter Photo Session

4. Avoid the heat & sweat

Who wants to be hot and sweaty for their photoshoots? Not me....! Perth summers can be very dry and hot where as winter afternoons are pleasant helping every look and feel the best. The cooler weather also encourages lots of family cuddles during the session.

Perth family during outdoor family photo session

5. Add Texture & Layers

Textures & Layers add visual interest to your photos and in winters it is so easy to do. Add scarves and beanies for some extra cute pictures. You can also bring a blanket and rug up together and snuggle for some warm and cozy family pictures.

6. Creepy crawlies take the winter off

When shooting outdoors in Perth, we need to always be aware of mosquitos, flies, spiders and snakes. They are less active in winters which is another reason I prefer winter family photoshoots.

Perth baby during winter family photos

7. More Privacy

Popular photography locations around Perth are less crowded in winters (especially sunset) so you can enjoy your session without inquisitive onlookers and photo bombers.

Perth Sibling Photography

8. It is usually easier to book your favourite photographer for a winter session

Most people hibernate during winter with the promise of warmer and sunnier weather. All plans are automatically delayed for summer and spring. This means that your favourite photographer is more likely to have a free spot for your family pictures and you may be able to book a few weeks in advance.

Family photography in Guildford, Perth

Hope this post has helped you see why winter is such a great time to book your Perth family photos. If you will like to see more of my work and information on Perth family photography session, please have a look at my family photography information page. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook to stay in the loop with the latest information and sessions.


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