One of my favourite season is autumn for family photos in Perth. In the cooler, crispier air, everyone looks their best. No heat rash, no sweaty faces and the stunning autumn foliage - what a backdrop it makes!

Autumn is the craziest time if you’re a Perth family photographer. If you are interested in an autumn foliage family session please reach out now to get in on my very limited autumn sessions. I am often booked up and have to turn away families so please plan accordingly. If not this year hopefully another year we can work together to create some beautiful autumn family images. Autumn foliage is best in May so reaching out to your favourite photographer in February/ March will ensure you get a spot in on these beautiful sessions

The question is, where are the best spots for Autumn family sessions in Perth? Here I share with you my favourite autumn spots for family photos and what I like about each one.

1. Apple/ Persimmon Fruit Orchards

Perth dad and baby during family photo shoot

These orchards provide the natural setting of beautiful trees. The colours in autumn are absolutely exquisite. When you marry your family photos with such a perfect setting, it becomes a piece of art that you will be proud to display all around your home.

Two most popular options available are Raeburn Orchard in Roleystone and S&R Orchard in Walliston

They are both private properties though so they charge a fee for entry/ professional photography. The fees is very reasonable and not expensive at all but definitely something to keep in mind when planning your autumn family photos in Perth. The autumn season last for a very short time - usually only 2-3 weeks. Photo sessions are very limited and get booked well in advance.

View Raeburn Orchard galleries here & here.

2. Hyde Park, North Perth

Autumn Family Photos in Perth

Hyde Park makes an amazing spot for family photo in Perth all year around but it is especially beautiful in Autumn. It is a magic park characterised by its majestic Plane trees over a century old. These lovely deciduous trees mark changes in the season from their burnt orange autumn leaves to their shedding of leaves in winter. With the lake, beautiful trees, and a path encircling the lake, choose from a variety of options for a perfect backdrop. Hyde Park is located in north Perth, close to Northbridge.

3. Stirk Park, Kalamunda

Autumn Family Photos in Perth

Another stunning location for family photos in autumn. Located in the heart of lovely leafy Kalamunda, Stirk Park is one of the most picturesque public spaces in the Perth metro area. Large and slightly undulating, with plenty of big shady trees, it's a tranquil place despite being situated quite close to the bustling Kalamunda shopping area.

Stirk Park is planted with many deciduous trees that change their colour to yellow, orange & deep red during autumn. Stirk Park is also quite close to Lesmurdie Falls, so there is always the option to shoot your family photos in both location for a bit of variety.

4. Vineyards, Swan Valley

Autumn in Swan Valley is a feast for the eyes. The leaves on the trees & vines change colour turning from lush green to gold, orange, yellow and deep red. This is also the time when vines are heavy with fruit. For visitors to the vineyards at this time of year, this popular wine region in Perth is ablaze with the vibrant shades of autumn. Many vineyards will allow family photos in return of a purchase from their gifts shop or wine bottles.

5. Guildford Water Creek Shoots

Do you kids love dancing in the rain and smashing in the water puddle. Great for Children Portraits, these sessions take place in Guildford (by the river) and are a great spot for late Autumn/ early winter photos.

6. Araluen Botanical Gardens

Araluen Botanic Park in Autumn

We all know how beautiful Araluen Botanical Park is during spring with tulips in full bloom and riots of colour, but it is equally stunning during autumn. Unfortunately, I have not been able shoot at Araluen during the autumn months ( hopefully, this year I can make it happen 🙂) so I don't have any amazing photos to show you. In autumn (late April- May) the colours of the deciduous trees develop reds, yellow, orange, and gold. But there are also plenty of flowers even at this time of the year. There are so many stunning features at the park that no matter what the season, you will end up getting the most amazing family pictures.

If you're craving Autumn Family Photos in Perth, you can check out everything about SSP's Family Autumn Sessions? We offer a truly whimsical, fully customised portrait experience.

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