Family Portraits For Camera Shy Mothers

Are you camera shy? Discover my tips on how to love your family portraits even if you're awkward in front of the camera!

One thing that always makes me so sad is when I see mums struggling with the idea of a family photoshoot because they are not happy with the way they look in the photos. I totally get it, even being a photographer myself, I am not that fond of being in front of the camera. But it also breaks my heart, because I know how important it is for us to have beautiful photos with our family. In reality, it is the only way to hold on to and freeze what we have today. These moments don't last forever. Don't miss the opportunity to catch them while you can.

Perth mum with her little toddlers during outdoor photoshoot

Looking great in the family photos is easier than you think. If being uncomfortable in front of the camera is your main reason for not booking a family/motherhood sessions, here are some tips to ensure you rock your photo session and fall in love with you photos.

You have nothing to lose

It is important to make your purchase decisions after you have seen you photos. Many photographers offer set packages where you prepay and purchase a package before the shoot and before you have seen your photos. But how are you supposed to make that decision when you have no idea how your photos are going to turn out?

Wait, there is a better way!

When you work with me, you don't have to purchase any pictures if you don't absolutely love them. There is no requirement to purchase packages in advance and there is no minimum spend. All purchasing decisions are made after you have seen your pictures and you know EXACTLY what you are paying for. A small booking fee includes the entire photography experience - planning, shooting and meeting again to view your pictures. So, when booking a 'post pay' photographer like myself, you really have nothing to lose.

Perth Family Photography

Discover the right photographer for you

For amazing and natural family photos that are filled with genuine emotions, you need to be able to trust your photographer completely and feel comfortable around them.

When choosing a family photographer, a great portfolio shouldn't be the only thing to look for. Do they take the time to get to know you and your family? Do you like them as a person? Are they available to meet you before the session so you're not being photographed by a total stranger?

Family photography is such a personal experience and all of these little things matter. Recently, I had a meet and greet with one of the families in their home. This family consists of 2 little boys on the spectrum. Mum was so grateful that they were able to meet me before the session. The boys were comfortable around me showing me their toys and books, like they would to a friend. Having met me in advance, everyone was super relaxed during the session and we created the most beautiful family photos.

Perth family during outdoor family photo session

Hair & Makeup

No matter what stage of your life you are in and whether you are a booking a family session or a session for your new Linkedin profile photo, professional hair and make up is number one thing that can make a huge difference to your photos. Having a pro take care of your hair, and makeup is highly recommended. Pros know how to create that beautiful, natural flawless look without going over the top. Hair is something that is impossible to fix in Photoshop so you need to be 100% happy with your hair during the photo session.

I am not saying all clients that book with me get hair and makeup done professionally. Some are really good at doing their own hair and make up, others don't see the value. But if you want to put all the chances on your side for looking the best in your family photos, please consider one. Most HMUA (Hair & makeup artist) costs around $150 to $250. I think it is a great investment to make you look and feel the best not only during the photoshoot but every time you will look at your photos for decades after!

Having your hair and makeup done professionally will make you feel more confident about the photoshoot and more at ease in general. You will have one less thing to worry about by having a great makeup artist on hand, increasing your confidence, knowing that a professional just did a fantastic job on your makeup!


Picking outfits for the whole family for a photoshoot can be stressful but what you wear has a huge impact on your final photos. It is important to wear outfits that you feel confident but comfortable in at the same time. And of course, the outfit needs to look great in the pictures too. There is plenty of information online on what to wear for you family session, you can even look at Pinterest for great ideas on wardrobe. If it all gets overwhelming or you just don't have the time to spend hours reading and researching, why not leave the planning to a professional? A great alternative is to hire a photographer who is going to take the time to get to know you, your family, your vision and your style and plan your photo session around that.

Over the years, I have learned what colours and textures look great in photos. and what styles look great on different body types. I love to meet clients in their home before the shoot to assist in picking outfits. I can come shopping with you and I also offer clothing options to hire from my client closet. My aim is make the styling process really easy and stress free for you!

Great styling can make you pictures timeless meaning you pictures will never date. You will enjoy looking at them for many years to come.

Lighting & Angles are a powerful way to shift focus

My job as a professional photographer is to use different angles and crops so that you end up loving a photo with you in it. I want you to fall in love with a portrait with your baby or child, not just capturing your relationship but doing so while making you look your best.

Anyone can buy an expensive camera but this is where the skills of an experienced photographer shines through. The right photographer can guide you to poses that are flattering and look beautiful yet natural in the photos.

An experienced photographer would also make sure that the light falling on you and your family is flattering and magical!

You don't have to pose or smile, just be yourself

I am a family-led photographer which means that I capture candid moments as they unfold with a little bit of direction. My gentle approach puts my clients at ease and they end up enjoying the session more than they anticipated. Being photographed doesn’t have to be a chore: you can play, giggle, take a walk, bake a cake… Think of it as quality time with your family, enjoy the moment and let me do the work.

Perth couple kissing during outdoor family photo shoot

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