Why sunset is the best time for family photoshoot?

The lighting at sunset is absolutely beautiful: The warm, golden tones of the setting sun create a beautiful, natural light that is flattering for everyone in the family. You’ll love how the warm rays wash over you, making your skin glow, the way the brilliant sun flare will help captivate your eye, leading it to your family. The nostalgic, honey-like glow will draw you into the images, transporting you back to the moment you’ll want to relive over and over. 

However, with kids in the mix, preparation is key to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone.. So I've put together some tips to help!

1. Keep calm during the day of your photoshoot

Kids are intuitive beings. When we're preparing for a photo session, we tend to get a bit more stressed or high energy than usual. Children can feel that energy and may not nap that day when you REALLY want them to. So do what you have to do to keep yourself calm. Don't rush putting your toddler or baby down for their nap. Take your time, give them a bath, sing them a song, read them a story, whatever will help them to feel sleepy and calm. Prepare clothing, snacks and other essentials the day before so you don't feel rushed on the day of the session.

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2: Move bedtime a few days before the session

If your child usually goes to sleep earlier than sunset, you could try moving their bedtime later gradually a few days before your session. Then gradually move it back afterwards.

3: Have a quieter day

Give your children their day naps prior to the session or have a quieter day before your portrait session so they are not too tired when the session time rolls around.

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4: Make sure everyone has a full stomach

Full bellies = happy kids! So feed them before the session and bring along some snacks for the car ride home. This will not only keep their energy up but also ensure a happier and more cooperative mood.

5: Dress the kids appropriately for the weather

Remember, the weather cools down as the sun sets. Ensure your children are dressed appropriately for the weather conditions. Comfort is key, as you don’t want them feeling too cold or too warm during the shoot. Layering is great way to make sure your kids stay warm while also looking stylish for the photos.

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6. Skip the bribes

While it might be tempting to bribe your kids with treats to behave during the session, this can often backfire. Instead, make the entire process sound exciting and focus on the fun aspects of the evening. If you would like to pack a little treat as you know that may really help, by all means do, and we can use it only if necessary.

7. Make it family adventure arvo

Position the portrait session as a fun family adventure afternoon. Kids love adventures, and framing the session this way will make them look forward to it.

8. Have a sneaky backup plan

You can do everything you can to make sure your little kids are happy and awake until sunset, but sometimes you need a backup item! Bring a favorite toy, stuffed animal, or blanket but don't let your child know about it or see it. Then if the time comes that you've tried everything and they still aren't happy, you can give it to them. Usually this item is not even needed, but it's good to have just in case.

9. Hire a family photographer who brings the fun

When you choose a photographer who is play-based, they are going to have tons of fun things for your family to do together to keep everyone having a good time! A photographer who can playfully engage with children will make the process enjoyable, and the natural smiles in the photos will be proof! If you're looking for a Perth family photographer, get more info about our family sessions.

10. Embrace the moment and enjoy the fun

Perhaps the most crucial tip of all is to approach your portrait session with a light heart and an open mind. Remember, this is a time to bond, laugh, and create beautiful memories with your family. Too often, parents stress over their children behaving perfectly or posing just right, but it's essential to remember that the best photographs often capture genuine, candid moments. Let go of the idea of a 'perfect' shot and embrace the fun, the chaos, and the genuine smiles. It's the photographer's job to find those golden moments and capture them – your job is to simply have a fantastic time with your loved ones. When you look back at these photos, the memories of laughter and connection will shine through, making every image truly special.

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How to keep your kids awake and happy for sunset family photos:

  • Keep yourself calm so your kids feed off that energy
  • Move bedtime later or push naps later than usual
  • Be sure that everyone eats dinner
  • Wear appropriate clothing for the weather
  • Skip the bribes
  • Make it a family adventure arvo
  • Choose a new location for the kids to explore
  • Have a backup toy, blanket, or stuffed animal
  • Hire a fun photographer!
  • Embrace the moment and enjoy the fun 

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