Portraits of a Boy with his Cat, Swan Valley

As a photographer who specialises in children photography, I am always on the lookout for unique and creative photoshoot ideas. This boy and his cat portrait session was a wonderful experience. I loved the opportunity to plan and execute a styled farm boy-inspired photoshoot for a 3-year-old boy and create something truely unique. I wanted to capture the little boy's cute personality while creating a whimsical atmosphere that would highlight the beauty of the olive farm.


Firstly, I started by scouting for the perfect location, and I found a beautiful olive farm that had the perfect rustic and earthy feel that I was looking for. The farm had a variety of different settings, including a charming old barn and acres of olive groves. The scenery was perfect for creating the desired mood, and I knew that the little boy would love exploring the farm.

Perth Children Portrait Session


Next, I considered the styling for the shoot. I wanted the little boy to feel comfortable and at ease, so I chose neutral clothes for him, but added a pop of colour with a red hat and red wooden toy car. The toy car was perfect for giving him something to play with, while the hat added a playful touch to his outfit. We also did an outfit change halfway through the shoot, and I dressed him up in a super cute denim overall that his mom loved. I have written a detailed post about how to dress your children for a portrait session.

As for the shoot itself, I wanted to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere that would allow the little boy to express himself. I encouraged him to play with his pet cat, who we included in some of the photos. The cat was a great addition to the shoot, and it was clear that the little boy adored his furry friend.


Perth child with hid cat during photo session

We scheduled the shoot during the golden hour, which gave us the perfect lighting for capturing the whimsical atmosphere that we wanted. As the sun began to set, the golden light bathed the farm in a warm glow, and it was magical. We captured some beautiful shots of the little boy exploring the farm, playing with his cat, and driving his toy car around.

Perth Children Portrait Session

The little boy's cute personality shone through in the photos, and we were able to create some truly magical images that his family will cherish for years to come. His mom loved whimsical portraits, and we were able to create a charming and playful mood that perfectly captured the little boy's spirit.

Overall, the styled farm boy-inspired photoshoot was a success. With careful planning, attention to detail, and a relaxed and fun atmosphere, we were able to create some beautiful images that captured the little boy's personality and the rustic charm of the olive farm.

Perth Children Portrait Session

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